SUSh Participation in the “16th International Staff Training Week” at the University of Granada

As the sign of mutual collaboration, State University of Shirak participated in the 16th International Staff Training Week: “Introduction to The Management of International Mobility” at the University of Granada. The International Week was held from 21st to 25th February, 2022. Nazeli Avetisyan, Acting Vice-Rector, Director of Educational Process Management Centre was selected to represent SUSh.

Granada University is located in the culturally and historically rich city of Granada. It is a leading national university in Spain with more than 56.000 students from 115 countries. Granada University considers leading European university in student mobility having agreements with more than 1.000 institutions around the world. It has over 27 faculties and 124departments.

The program of the International Week is intended to offer a sound general overview and introduction to international mobility, its objectives and impact together with the basics of its organization during all stages of the process. It aims at supporting internationalization of Higher Education through academic cooperation projects, to open new paths to institutional collaboration. The program contains a mixture of large-group presentations, small-group practical sessions, guided visits to related UGR facilities and networking opportunities. On the first day of the International Week, Nazeli Avetisyan had a presentation about her home University, its history, faculties, strategic plan and international projects. Questions and answers followed the presentation and we have a great hope that the interested candidate universities will be involved in internalization of SUSh. During the international week a soul of tolerance and mutual understanding was present between the participants. It is of the utmost importance. At the end of the program a certificate of participation was given to each participant.