The process of ERASMUS+ ABioNet program operations / Thessaloniki – October 2019/

From October 10th to 13th, 2019 in Thessaloniki, Greece another meeting of the ERASMUS+ ABioNet program took place in the IHU – International Hellenic University.

Discussions of the given agenda were held. The discussion was on the strategic document of the intercollegiate cooperative network.

Armenian universities presented the conclusive versions of the curriculum and the start point for the Master’s degree program. In ShSU the Biotechnology Master’s degree program is intended to start in September 2020. We also presented the information on equipment purchased in September.

Also, issues on both specialists’ short-term and long-term requalification, as well as students’ academic mobility were discussed with our European partners.

IHU paid an educational visit to enterprise incubators and auxiliary institutions.

Vocational staff members A.Grigoryan and G. Oksuzyan presented ShSU in the meeting.