According to the decision 17․1 of the session No. 17 dated 27.05.2023 of the Board of Trustees of “Shirak State University” Foundation, the Center for Library-Study Consultations, Innovations and Information Technologies has been reorganized as a library of SUSh.

The library has been operating since November 1934. The founding manager was Artak Safaryan, who spared no effort and energy in the establishment and restoration of the library. Sofik Hakobyan, Grisha Hambardzumyan, Shushik Markosyan, and others, who were devoted librarians, followed him in that position.

As of January 30, 2023, the library’s book collection includes about 65,859 units of university and school textbooks, study manuals, methodical and informative literature, there is a large collection of press and scientific journals, valuable ancient publications are kept with the necessary care and attention: rare books, encyclopedias, press, which make up the “Golden fund” of the library.

The enrichment of the library’s fund is constantly replenished thanks to the funds of the university and donations. The service of the library readers is carried out through E1-2 subscription and E1-3 reading room. The reading room is equipped with rich modern computer capabilities, round-the-clock internet connection, is equipped with necessary university textbooks and manuals, educational dictionaries and encyclopedias, informative literature and journals, a large collection of scientific, technical and humanitarian magazines. Necessary conditions are created for the effective extracurricular work of students and professors.  The library regularly replenishes the library of electronic literature. The goal of the library is to support the satisfaction of the information requirements of the internal stakeholders of the university, to ensure the quality of the educational process and scientific research through library-information resources.