Chair of Economics

History of the Chair

Since 1991, at the institute there had acted the Chair of Political Science and Economics founded and headed by assistant professor Mr. Sergey Bichakhchyan. Later the Chair was headed by Mr. Urashima Atyan, Mes. Yughaber Yapunjyan and Tamara Simonyan. In 2013, on the basis of the general Chair of Political Science and Economics the professionally oriented Chair of Economics was founded. Since 2015 the Chair has been headed by Mr. Arthur Mkrtchyan.

In 2017, as a result of constructive changes in ShSU, the Chair came to be named the Chair of Business and Administration, as well as raised the number of issued professions. Presently, the Chair carries out training in three main specialisations:

  • Management (Bachelor’s Degree - full-time and extramural education, Master’s Degree)
  • Accountancy (full-time and extramural education)
  • Marketing (marketing by industry) (full-time education).

The Chair has released more than 100 graduates who work at different commercial organisations of our region, particularly at banks, enterprises, etc.

The mission of the Chair is to popularise knowledge in economics, management and administration and to train specialists able to efficiently administer and manage functional, organisational and procedural social work.

The Chair employs both experienced specialists with a great length of service and young lecturers. The lecturers of the Chair are authors of scientific articles, monographs, university methodological manuals, participants to scientific conferences held in our republic as well as abroad (the USA, the Russian Federation). The Chair cooperates with different international and republican organisations realising educational programmes, among which are the “Eurasia” foundation, “Armenian Youth Achievements”, the US National Council for Economic Education (NCEE), etc. The lecturers of the Chair took part in a number of international programmes (training programmes “Civil Education”, “Applied Economics” financed by the “Eurasia” foundation, international programmes on the key issues of teaching economics financed by the US National Council for Economic Education, “Sustainable Tourism Management (SuToMa)” financed by the “Tempus”, etc.)

The scope of scientific research of the Chair’s lecturers involves key issues on the establishment of economic market relations and the social legal state.

Besides educational goals, the Chair of Economics aims to develop the students’ creative thinking and to raise their attention and care towards the economic and other key issues of our reality.

Head of the Chair

Mkrtchyan Artur
Candidate of Economic Sciences,
Associate Professor


Aram Suqiasyan
Candidate of Economic Sciences,
Associate Professor
Sahakyan Ani

Khachatryan Tereza

Solaghyan Gayane

Խաչատրյան Հրաչ Լյովայի
տնտ. գ. թ.

Janibekyan Aida

Եգանյան Հռիփսիմե Գագիկի