The high school of “M. Nalbandyan State University of Shirak” has been operating since 1st of September 2017 at Tumanyan 58 street, Gyumri. School was formed as a result of uniting the student and teaching systems of former “Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute after M. Nalbandyan” SNCO college of culture, former GSPI High School and N3 high school SNCO of former RA Ministry of Education and Science, dissolved by RA government decision N983 on August 17,2017, as the high school of “M. Nalbandyan State University of Shirak”.

The high school meets modern educational requirements with 19 classrooms, 4 Natural Science laboratories, that are replenished with modern laboratory equipment and relevant furniture. There also are “Armat” engineering laboratory, 2 computer classrooms, German furnished study-room, cabinet-classroom of PMR, armory, one inventory, one first-aid post, buffet- canteen and a gym. After many years of waiting the floor and roof of the gym, that was in the state of emergency, were repaired. The “Kachkar”-monument in honor of Viktor Yuzikhovich, who was killed in the 44-Day War, is built in the school yard, also one of the classrooms is named after him, there is a memorial corner devoted to the students sacrificed in 44-Day War.

At the State University of Shirak high school, the streaming classes of natural, mathematical and humanitarian sciences have been established. The students study 3 foreign languages: English, French and German, morever the school cooperates with the Goethe Institute and implements student exchange programs. The State University of Shirak High School has 55 staff members, 42 of them are pedagogues, two of them -Ani Nahapetyan and Meline Khachatryan teach at the State University of Shirak.

Seven of the teachers have first degree of qualification and one has second degree of qualification. Keeping up with the new educational challenges, four of the school teachers took part in the voluntary certification of teachers and showed good results.
Every year, graduates of the State University of Shirak High School continue their studies at various universities of the republic: YSU, Yerevan State Medical University named after Mkhitar Heratsi, ASUE, SUSh.

In addition, 32 among 50 graduates applying to universities in the 2020-2021 academic year, have applied to the SU

In a short period of time, the State University of Shirak High School stood out with the graduates who showed excellent academic performance and were awarded the Medal of Excellence.