The University's Scientific Policy and Innovation Center was founded in 2023. Prior to that, in recent years, the Center's functions were performed in different periods by the Scientific Policy, Quality Assurance and Management Center (2018-2023), Scientific Policy and External Cooperation Management Center (2017-2018), Science and Research Department (2016-2017).








The main functions of the Center are:

  • After the approval of the Strategic Development Plan of the University, in accordance with the latter, according to relevance, before the beginning of the new academic year, it submits its five-year and subsequent annual work plans to the Rector for approval.
  • According to the Charter of SUSh Foundation, it submits an annual report on its activities to the Scientific Council.
  • Organizes and coordinates the entire process of studying for the researcher’s educational degree.
  • Coordinates the process of obtaining a scientific degree for the representatives of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the University.
  • Organizes trainings among scientific and pedagogical staff and student groups aimed at developing research skills and writing scientific papers and increasing their involvement in scientific grant programs.
  • Organizes republican and international conferences, taking into account the scientific and research priorities and directions of the University.
  • Coordinates the works of the Editorial Board of Scientific Bulletin published at the University.Coordinates the publication process of scientific and methodological, educational and methodological, educational and scientific works, scientific monographs and similar works subject to the guarantee of the Scientific Council of the University by organizing examinations.
  • Organizes and implements the commercialization process of the results of scientific and pedagogical innovative research.
  • Organizes and coordinates scientific and research, scientific and methodological and similar activities carried out in the University.
  • Supports the SSS (Student Scientific Society) activites of the University.
  • Supports internal quality assurance, management and monitoring activities within the scope of its functions.
  • Organizes and coordinates other activities related to its purpose, issues and functions arising from SUSh Charter, Strategic Development Plan, the given Charter and other legal acts of the Foundation.
  • Poordinates the scientific activities carried out by the Chairs.
  • Organizes and coordinates intra-university grant competitions for scientific activities.
  • Promotes the participation of representatives of the scientific and pedagogical staff in conferences, grant competitions and other events organized in RA and abroad.Organizes and coordinates the process of awarding the premium for scientific activities carried out by the employees and students of the University based on the annual database of scientific activities.