Chair of Geography and Service


The Chair of Geography was established in 1997, later, it was renamed the Chair of Geography and the Methodology of its Teaching. L.M.Martirosyan was the first Head of the Chair. Many specialists in the field of science and education worked in the department: Doctor of Geological Sciences, Professor S. V. Badalyan, Candidate of Geographical Sciences, associate professors M. S. Davoyan, Yu.H.Muradyan, A.J.Ajamoxlyan. A long-term scientific and  pedagogical activities conducted Doctor of geological sciences  , Professor A. H. Bagramyan .

Many scientific studies have been carried out in the Department of Geography.Lecturers participate in a number of grant  programs, due to it many  scientific articles and monographs have been published.

In 2022, the department was reorganized into the Department of Geography and Service. It is one of the structural units of Shirak State University, which carries out educational, methodological and research activities. Establishment of the chair has become a social objective  requirement  due to the increased interest in the profession of Service.

The head of the Chair of Geography and Service is G. R. Avetisyan. Highly qualified professors in the field of science and pedagogics work in the department: one Doctor of Sciences, 10 candidates of Sciences, 8 of them have  the degree of an associate professor .

The department gives  specialists in the following professions:

Bachelor's degree․




Cartography and Cadaster Work


Master's degree․


Sustainable Tourism


Educational  level of the researcher: Geography/postgraduate studies, post graduate request.


During the training, students undergo training and industrial practice.Training practices are organized in the form of routes in different directions of the territory of the Republic of Armenia. During the practice,students strengthen the knowledge gained in the classrooms.During the physico-geographical complex study, special attention is paid to the study of landscapes, their dynamism, the regularity of the distribution of typical landscapes in the territory.

On several notable routes, students observe and receive diverse information found on the route about all geographical zones.

Students of the Service department from the first year have internships in various tourist destinations of the Republic of Armenia (regional and metropolitan historical and cultural objects-churches, monasteries, museums, natural monuments, organizations serving the tourism industry-hotels, travel companies, catering facilities, departments dealing with state professional issues, international organizations, etc.), which according to the character can be educational (cognitive) and professional.

Students of the Cartography and Cadastre Work carry out measuring works and make plans in Gyumri city, on the territory of SHSU. Upon their request, students undertake internships in various divisions of the Cadastral Committee of the Republic of Armenia.

Acting Head of the Chair

Valesyan Anahit
Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor


Tamrazyan Artush

Doctor of Geological Sciences


Avetisyan Gayane
PhD in Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor

Aida Amazaryan
Candidate of Geographical Sciences

Nersisyan Armen
Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor

Martirosyan Levon
Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor

Eduard Chartaryan
PhD, Associate Professor

Sargsyan Rudolf
Candidate of Geological Sciences

Harutyunyan Kajik

Boyajyan Artashes
Associate Professor

Grigoryan Anahit

Grigoryan Ashot