Section history

History - The European Union's Tempus "Ararat" ("University-Employer" Armenian Coordinating Agency) program was established in May 2013 at GSPI (now the University of Yerevan) to address the problem of isolation and segregation between higher education and production, overcoming the labor market and university gap.  -Employer Cooperation Center.

In May 2017, as a result of structural changes at the university, the center was dissolved and a student support department was established at the university.

In May 2018, the organizational structure of the university was reviewed and the department of student support and university-employer cooperation started operating at the university.

The main goal of the department is to increase the competitiveness of the students and graduates of the university in the labor market and to provide educational, social-psychological, financial and legal support to the students.

Structure - The department operates as a whole unit in the organizational structure of the university  and the coordination of work is carried out by the Chief of Staff of the University.


Main Functions - The main functions of the section are as follows:

  1. Ensuring the development of the university-employer relationship providing support to the organization in that direction.
  2. Implementation of works aimed at establishing and strengthening student-employer cooperation.
  3. Providing support to the development of professional skills of students and graduates, mentoring the process of finding a job in the field relevant to their education.
  4. Carrying out professional orientation, work aimed at continuing education, research;
  5. Cooperation with youth-student organizations, employment centers, labor organizations.
  6. Implementation of various activities, projects and programs aimed at educational, social, financial, psychological, legal support of students.