Chair of Psychology and Sociology

History of the Chair

The Chair of psychology, sociology and social work is one of the ShSU infrastructures which carries out educational, methodological and scientific-research activities as well as holds psychological consultation.

The orbit of the Chair’s activities involves scientific, educational and practical spheres. Our goal is: to modernise the curricula and subject programmes for the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, including the methodology of teaching and assessment, the content of the textbooks; to apply the current teaching materials and approaches to practice; to carry out periodical project quality assessment, fitting teaching quality to the world trends of the qualification and science development; to provide opportunities for rivalry with leading foreign universities in the spheres of psychology, sociology, social work and the social relationship with society. Our principle is to provide as much education as science.

The Chair pays special attention to making the young lecturers accustomed to their job, encouraging them and providing sufficient conditions for productive work. The Chair of the future teacher should be predicting, based upon the competence.

The Chair of psychology, sociology and social work employs highly qualified and skillful lecturers: the faculty – 30 employees, Doctors of Sciences – 2, Candidates of Sciences – 9, without any scientific degree – 19, Professors – 1, Assistant Professors – 6, without any academic status – 23.

The Chair issues the following professions:

Bachelor’s Degree:

· Psychology;

· Social work;

· Sociology

Master’s Degree:

· Psychology;

· Social work;

· Military psychology.

Researcher’s Educational Programme: Psychology (post-graduate course, doctoral studies).

Parallel to the educational activities, the Chair carries out the following scientific-research work:

1. Professional and personal growth dynamics during studying at university;

2. Psychological service in the higher school system;

3. Ethno-psychological studies;

4. Issues on psychological support to elderly people.

For the last three years, the lecturers of the Chair have published 10 (ten) monographs and over 60 (sixty) articles.

Within the university education, the priorities of modernisation of the Chair are the following: to consider the university one complete unit; to solve one common problem supporting the formation of the students’ personal and professional competences; to create the man-citizen image who is to live in this country, be the owner of their Motherland, be dedicated to their city, their university.

Head of the Chair

Sahakyan Karine
PhD of Psychology, Associate Professor


Knyazyan Haykuhi
Հոգեբանական գ.թ., դոցենտ

Beybutyan Marine
Candidate of Psychological Sciences

Պապոյան Աննա Կարլենի


Hovakimyan Qnarik

Tadevosyan Armine
PhD of Psychology,
Associate Professor

Papikyan Vardan

Zargaryan Elvira

Եղիազարյան Սաթենիկ Էմինի

Farzadyan Hermine
Մանկավարժական գ.թ., ասիստենտ

Tonoyan Ashkhen

Ամալյա Խադունովա Վլադիմիրի