History of the Chair

With the warrant of the Government of the Armenian SSR, due to there solution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, as per resolution No. 1000-234 on September 24, 1984, Military Chair was founded at Leninakan State Pedagogical Institute after M. Nalbandyan, introducing the qualification "Basic Military Training".

By order No. 230 of the USSR Defence Minister and Minister of Education on November 3, 1984, it was decided to start training at the Military Chair on September 1, 1986. 50 studentswere admitted as first-year students.

After completing the four-year curriculum, the graduates of the Military Chair receive the qualification of a teacher of military science and physical training of secondary and secondary vocational schools /specialty 050400-62/.

When completing the third year, the students take a state exam in the subjects "Tactics" and "Fire Training", receiving the qualification of "Commander of the Motorized Rifle Platoon" / ZHM-021001, 021002 / and getting the military rank of "lieutenant".

As per the resolution No 127 of the Government of the Republic of Armenia on March 3, 1998,until 2006 only male citizens with completed military service can be admitted to the department of "Basic Military Training". In 2007 the admission was applied to young men finishing secondary schools.

Since 1999, the admission to the department of "Basic Military Training" was available for the females applicants on a paid basis.The Military Chair is the only educational unit of its kind in the Republic of Armenia, where military commanders are trained; the education is bisexual,  with bachelor's and master's degrees.

The activity of the Chair is aimed at the following goals arising from its mission: create a student-centered environment, quality and learning culture to ensure the competitiveness of the military-pedagogical education, to meet the challenges of the changing environment; establish environment for conducting research works, preparing graduates for work careers, knowledge-based integration with society; develop a culture of participatory cooperation with external and internal copartners, promoting the transparency of educational services; educate and train military pedagoguesas well as reserve officers.

During its activity, the Military Chair has produced about 800 graduates received relevant qualifications, about 40% of which still work at schools or serve in the RA Armed Forces, according to their specialisation.

The founding head of the Military Chair is Colonel Albert Hrant Zakhrabekyan, who was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the USSR Land Forces on April 29, 1986, by order No. 0260.

In the terms of chronology, the Chair has been headed by:

1986-1989 - Colonel A.H.Zakhrabekyan

1989-1993 - Colonel A.K.Gorbatovsky

1993-1994 - Lieutenant Colonel E.S.Gazaryan

1994-1995 - Major V.S.Mayilyan

1995-1997 - Colonel V.L.Mkhitaryan

1995-2002 - Major V.S.Mayilyan

2002-2006 - Colonel E.K.Atoyan

2007-2011 - Colonel G.G.Stepanyan

2011-2017 - Colonel K.P.Hovhannisyan

2018  - Colonel A.V.Mkrtchyan

A number of lecturers and students of the Chair have actively participated in the protection of the RA-NKR borders in different periods.

The lecturers and students of the Chair participated in a number of Republican conferences, published their articlesand teaching manuals.

The Chair is equipped with the necessary educational weapons, ammunition, posters and models. There is a library in the Chair, which is rich in military specialized and pedagogical-professional literature.

Close cooperation has been established between the Chair and the "Gyumri Garrison Military Units". The latters provide training camps and training sites for shooting with live ammunition. Demonstration classes are organized for the students aiming to introduce them the weapons, military equipment, daily life of the personnel of the military units.

The Chair is staffed with a professional faculty and skillful teaching staff.

Head of the Chair

Mkrtchyan Artur



Titanyan Mushex
Lieutenant Colonel

Karapetyan Hayk

Hovhannisyan Gagik
Lieutenant Colonel

Tumasyan Armen


Muradyan Vardan
Lieutenant Colonel

Tigranyan Tigran