In 2016, as a result of the re-organisation of “Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute after M. Nalbandyan” SNCO into “Shirak State University after M. Nalbandyan” foundation, new departments were set up, one of which is that of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. This one was organised by combining the following two former departments:  the Department of Physics, Mathematics and Economics and that of Natural Sciences and Geography.

The founder dean of the Department of Physics and Mathematics was Mr. Gagik Grigoryan. The department was then headed by Messers Hrant Ghukasyan, Martin Tarakhchyan, Poghos Mkoyan, Hakob Torunyan, Mkrtich Margaryan.

The founder dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geography is Mr. Samvel Aleksanyan. The department was then headed by Mr. Samvel Simonyan, Mrs. Anahit Grigoryan.

There are four specialized Chairs in the Faculty  of Natural Sciences and Mathematics:

  • the Chair of Mathematics, Physics and Information Technologies, headed by Mrs. Lilit Margaryan;
  • the Chair of Economics, headed by Mr. Arthur Mkrtchyan.
  • the Chair of Geography and Service headed by Mrs. Gayane Avetisyan;
  • the Chair of Biology and Chemistry, headed by Mr. Samvel Aleksanyan.

In the Chairs scientific research is done in the following domains:

  1. The development of finite element method (FEM) and its application to the construction of numerical solutions of edge problems in the micro-polar elastic thin bars, plates and membranes theories

The survey was headed by the Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (NAS RA), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Samvel Sargsyan. Within the frames of the given topic four members of the Chair, as well as post-graduates, had their contribution to the survey.  The research was done in 2015-2017.

  1. Elaboration of the new X-ray diffraction methods and technical devices for the detection of structure defects in crystalline materials.

The survey was headed by the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Henrik Drmeyan. Within the frames of the given topic one member of the Chair and one student had their contribution to the research. The survey was held in 2015-2017.

  1. Elaboration of the constant dynamic model of polymer materials with amorphous – crystalline structure in state of high-frequency stimulations. The research was headed by the NAS RA Corresponding Member, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Samvel Sargsyan, within the frames of which three lecturers from the same Chair were involved in the survey. The research was done in 2015-2017.
  2. Program on “The Preservation and Development of the Problem Laboratory for Nano- and Micro-technical Materials and Structural Mechanics”. The program was led by the NAS RA Corresponding Member, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Samvel Sargsyan, within the frames of which two lecturers of the Chair participated in the program. The program was realized in2016 and 2017 and is still acting in 2018.

Under Mr. Levon Martirosyan’s leadership, the head of the Chair of Geography, Biology and Chemistry, a number of various scientific-research programs were held.

  • Agriculture Geography – “Eurasia” foundation. A monograph in agriculture geography of Shirak region is published.
  • Akhuryan reservoir dam – Swiss “Hex – Epers” company. The results of survey are published in a separate book.
  • Jajur mountain pass – RA Youth foundation and “Geophon” non-governmental scientific researching ecological organisation. A tourist guidebook about Jajur mountain pass is published (2015).

Significant work is done by members of the Chair in estimation of the recreational and tourism resources. Under Mr.Levon Martirosyan’s leadership, a lot of scientific research, field and measurement work is done for the evaluation and classification of recreational and tourism resources. As a result of the survey, the monograph “Recreational Geography” was published (2014).

Mrs. Nelly Adamyan, lecturer from the Chair of Geography, Biology and Chemistry, initiated a two-week informative-training program on the demands of the education reform for the ShSU employees. Mrs. N. Adamyan has worked out an innovated program in Methods of teaching Biology, including all the demands of education reforms. With the recommendation of the ShSU Academic Council a training manual entitled “Guidebook on teaching and methodological needs proposed by education reforms” was published. In 2016, Nelly Adamyan published her research book “The Mystery in Lewis Carroll’s Fairy Tales” devoted to the study of the author’s life philosophy presented in his fairy tales. She has also authored about ten research works devoted to innovations in methods of teaching, integrated teaching, teaching Natural Sciences supported by fiction works. Professor Samvel Alexanyan from the same Chair has been researching the domain of “The Peculiarities of the Blood Oxidative Damages in Case of Some Neoplasms”.

The Chair of Geography, Biology and Chemistry cooperates with the Chairs of Zoology, Human and Animal Physiology at Yerevan State University, NAS, RA, Scientific Centre of Zoology and Hydro-ecology, the Botanical Institute, as well as with the Selection station, Anti-epidemic and hygienic station of Shirak region and Akhuryan sugar factory.

Since 1991, at the University   there has existed the Chair of Political and Economic Studies founded by Sergey Bichakhchyan. Later, the Chair was headed by Urashima Atyan, Yughaber Yapunjyan, Tamara Simonyan. In 2013, on the basis of the co-university Chair of Political and Economic Studies the specialised Chair of Economics was set up. In 2017, as a result of reconstructive changes un ShSU the Chair was renamed into the Chair of Business and Administration.

The mission of the Chair is dissemination of knowledge in economics, management and administration as well as training managers able to effectively manage processes in organisational and social work in economics.

The Chair employs both experienced lecturers and beginners. The lecturers of the Chair are authors of scientific articles, monographs and teaching and methodological manuals for higher schools, and participate in scientific conferences both in our republic and in foreign countries (the USA, the Russian Federation). The Chair cooperates with Moscow State Technical University and Armavir State Pedagogical University.

A lot of international programmes were realized with the participation of the Chair’s lecturers (educational programmes  “Civic Education”, “Applied Economics” financed by the ‘Eurasia” foundation, international programs devoted to the problems of teaching economics financed by the USA National Council of Economic Education (NCEE), “Sustainable Tourism Management” (SuToMa) financed by ‘Tempus”, etc.)

The circle of interests of the Chair’s lecturers involves issues on economics market relationships and social and legal state-building issues, the study of problems of strategic and risks managements, analysis of the formation of innovative scientific-production clusters.

Besides educational goals, the Chair of Business and Administration aims at developing the students’ creative thinking and raising their attention and care towards economic and other problems of our reality.

For the perfect realization of the educational process, the Chair of Mathematics, Physics and IT possesses five laboratories which are perfectly equipped. There is also a scientific research laboratory for X-ray surveys headed by Professor H. Drmeyan. The domain of his scientific research is solid state and semi-conductor physics, particularly, the electric and optical features of micro- and nanostructures and the X-ray diffraction analysis of their structural imperfections. In the mentioned sphere, Mr. H. Drmeyan is carrying out a scientific survey entitled “The elaboration of theoretical and experimental bases for the new X-ray diffraction methods of detecting imperfections in crystalline materials”.

The Professor of the Chair, NAS RA Corresponding Member, is  member of the Academic Council of the Institute of Mechanics, NAS RA, member of the Editorial Board of the journal “Mechanics”, member of the Professional Council 047 in Mechanics, acting at the Institute of Mechanics, NAS RA, member of the Programme Committee to the  annual symposium entitled “The dynamic and technology problems of the mechanics of constructions and solid media” organized by MAI (Moscow Aviation Institute), member of the programme and collective monograph authorship committee at the annual symposium “Perspective materials and technologies” held at Belorussia National Academy of Sciences Institute of Technical Acoustics. Mr. Samvel Sargsyan directs the joint topics in the Armenian-Russian scientific cooperation.

  • “Modelling the elastic features of polymer nano-composites with asymmetric stratum fixing” – 2018-2020, Russian Academy of Sciences, Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics;
  • Member of committee of the International Scientific School organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences Machinery Institute (Saint-Petersburg), Saint-Petersburg State University, Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University;
  • Co-editor of the special issue of the journal “Materials Physics and Mechanics” 2017 in memory of Eron L. Aero and Gerard A. Maugin (Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University);
  • Belorussian NAS Institute of Technical Acoustics;
  • Member of the following foreign scientific associations:
  • “International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM);
  • “EeroMech” scientific association;
  • National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Russian Federation;

The Chair also cooperates with Yerevan State University, the Chair of Physics of Solid State,  the Chair of Mechanics at the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, the Chair of Material Studies at National Polytechnic University of Armenia.

Professor H. Drmeyan has been member of the “Crystallography” International Association since 2006. In 2006, he was awarded the prize “Who’s Who in the World” by the Editorial Board of one of the US leading publishing houses in New Providence, state New Jersey, USA, for gaining serious achievements in the narrow specialized domain. In 2007, the council of Cambridge International Biographical Centre, England, awarded him the title “Top 2000 Intellectuals of the XXI century”, and in 2008 – the “Top 100 Scientists 2008”. Mr. H. Drmeyan is a member of the professional council 031, attached to National Polytechnic University of Armenia. In 2009 he was awarded Gold medal by the Ministry of Education and Science for his great contribution to the sphere of education and science. In 2014 he was given A Letter of Gratitude for productive scientific-educational activity by the Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia.

As a result of the intra-university grant competition, the following works were presented for financing:

1. Mathematics, Physics, IT 1.Serobyan Yervand (instructor)

2.Manukyan Vardan

3.Sultanyn Khachatur

4.Khalifyan Lilit (Physics, Master’s Degree, I year)

Presentation of the solution to problems in Physics through moving pictures via IT.
2. Geography, Biology and Chemistry 1.Martirosyan Levon (instructor)

2.Sargsyan Rudolf

3.Grigoryan Anahit

4.Harutyunyan Qajik (Geography, IV year)

The recreational evaluation of natural conditions of the northern regions (Shirak, Lori, Tavush) of the Republic of Armenia.
3. Geography, Biology and Chemistry 1.Adamyan Nelly (instructor)

2.Avagyan Karine

3.Amazaryan Aida

4.Mikayelyan Hripsime (Biology, III year)

Improvement of the programmes on methods of teaching subjects in Natural Sciences via the inclusion of the “Integrated thematic units”

The Department carries out vocational education programmes in the following spheres:

  • Bachelor’s Degree, full-time tuition – 13 professions:
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Informatics / Information
  • Management
  • Information Technologies (IT)
  • Geography
  • Biology
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Cartography and Cadastre Studies
  • Marketing
  • Bachelor’s Degree, extra-mural tuition – 11 professions:
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Informatics / Information
  • Management
  • Information Technologies (IT)
  • Accountancy and taxation
  • Technology and Enterprise
  • Geography
  • Biology
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Cartography and Cadastre Studies
  • Master’s Degree, full-time tuition – 7 professions:
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Informatics
  • Informatics and Applied Mathematics
  • Management
  • Geography
  • Biology

The graduates of the Department work in different commercial organisations, in particular in private banks, enterprises, educational and other institutions in the regions of Armenia.

In the Department there are experimental rooms with modern equipment, computer classrooms with specialized technique, gained with support of the World Bank and VIVA CELL MTS.

The faculty and students of the Department take an active part in various republic and international programmes, namely the ERASMUS MUNDUS INFINITY, ERASMUS +, ARMENQA, HEN GEAR, TEMPUS SuToMa.