Chair of the Armenian Language and Literature

History of the Chair

The ShSU Chair of Armenian Language and Literature serves the specialisation in Armenian Language and Literature (Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree), Journalism (Bachelor's Degree and Master’s Degree), Librarianship / Library Work and Information Sources (Bachelor’s Degree, extramural).

The Chair of Armenian Language was formed in 1934-1938. At different times it was administered by Professors Messrs  Hayk Amalyan, Senekerim Melkonyan, Mkrtich Mkrtumyan, Sergo Hayrapetyan, assistant professors Messrs Alexandre Babasyan, Karapet Durgaryan, Mes. Nazeli Avetisyan, Marietta Khachatryan.

The Chair employed such renowned linguists as Academicians G. Sevak, A. Gharibyan, S. Abrahamyan, Ed. Aghayan, V. Qosyan  / Kosyan and others. The Chair has successfully realised the generation change policy. Since the 1970s the Chair has been replenished predominantly by young graduates, among them E. Baghdasaryan, T. Mkhitaryan, S. Hayrapetyan, Z. Chaghayan, S. Grigoryan, H. Melkonyan, V. Melkonyan and others.

As per resolution N 2 on November 15, 2016, of the ShSU Academic Council, the Chair of Armenian Language and Methods of its Teaching was named after its merited Professor Senekerim Melkonyan.

The Chair of Armenian Literature has formerly acted together with the Chair of Armenian Language and was separated in 1952.

The founding Head of the Chair was assistant professor Arshavir Mkhitaryan. At different times the Chair was headed by Professors Senekerim Melkonyan, Sevak Arzumanyan, Haykaz Hakobjanyan, assistant professors Sako Sargsyan, Karapet Durgaryan, Rudolf Simonyan, Anahit Hakobyan, Doctor of Philology (PhD) Gagik Khachikyan.

In 2013 the sector of journalism was included in the Chair.

In 2017 the Chair of Armenian Language and Methods of its Teaching and that of Armenian Literature and Methods of its Teaching and of Journalism again joined to be called the Chair of Armenian Language and Literature.

In June 2017, candidate of philology (PhD), assistant professor Ms. A. Avagyan was appointed acting Head of the Chair.

Today, the ShSU Chair of Armenian Language and Literature employs 28 people, among them 2 Doctors of Sciences, 16 assistant professors, 7 lecturers.

For years, the employees of the Chair have been involved in great scientific training activity, supervising scientific themes, have been authors to various monographs which played their significant role in the Armenian linguistics and literary studies. They are doing surveys in different spheres of Armenian studies – Armenian Stylistics, Armenian Language, Current Armenian Language, Historical Armenian Grammar, literary studies, methods of teaching Armenian language and literature. The best specialists in journalism not only teach at the University, but are also engaged in journalistic activities. The first textbook in Armenian stylistics for university students was written at this Chair.

With state funding, the Chair has carried out a scientific programme in linguistic test.

The Chair of Armenian Language and Literature has initiated interesting meetings with Armenian writers and literary debates as well as lots of events traditionally held at the University. It actively cooperates with house-museums / memorial-museums, the Writers’ Union, creative organisations, the Chairs of Armenian Language and Literature at different Universities of our Republic. Close contacts with various scientific and cultural organisations help to constantly enrich the library of the Chair with the latest professional, educational and methodological literature and fiction.

The Chair actively cooperates with some Centres for Armenian Studies – the NAS Language Institute, the NAS Literature Institute, RA NAS Shirak Cenre for Armenian Studies, the Chairs of Armenian Language and Literature and Journalism at Yerevan State University, Yerevan State Pedagogical University, Vanadzor State University.

Today, the Chair has highlighted several strategic goals, the top priority of which is the development of educational programmes corresponding to the requirements of the National Qualification Framework, the alternate re-training of the Chair’s lecturers, the development of the policy directed towards the introduction of the platform for remote learning, the curricula review for the compulsory and optional courses for the Master’s Degree which should stay in time with the current state of the science and the labour market requirements. Besides, we aim to cooperate with the Quality Assurance Centre to improve the questionnaires and electronic lectures packages (the need for which is called forth by the results of the social survey), as well as, with further encouragement, to provide the students’ extensive participation in practical and research work, in scientific conferences held by the Student Scientific Societies, to organise model lessons with the application of teaching technologies.

The Chair of Armenian Language and Literature is deservedly recognised for its contribution to Armenian Studies and plays a significant part in training high-class teachers of the Armenian language for the high schools in Shirak region. In addition, we hold scientific seminars to discuss issues on Armenian linguistics and literary studies with the proposal of scientific solutions to the previously chosen topics for target groups.

Head of the Chair

Avagyan Armenuhi


Hayrapetyan Sergo

Hovhannisyan Ofelya
Candidate of Philological Sciences
Associate Professor

Avetisyan Nazel
Candidate of Philological Sciences
Associate Professor

Khachikyan Gagik

Melkonyan Hovik
Candidate of Philological Sciences
Associate Professor

Khachatryan Marieta
Candidate of Philological Sciences,,
Associate Professor

Manasyan Lusine
Candidate of Philological Sciences
Associate Professor

 Zaqyan Hranush
Candidate of Philological Sciences

Axababyan Satenik
Associate Professor (PhD)


Sargsyan Shoghik
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences,
Associate Professor

Melqonyan Vardan

Sonik Khachatryan
PhD, Associate Professor

Hayrapetyan Astghik
PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate professor

Zaqaryan Susanna
PhD, Associate Professor

Nahapetyan Anahit
PhD, Associate Professor

Արևշատյան Նունե Մհերի

Tovmasyan Lilit

Harutyunyan Hakob

Norikyan Anahita