The SUSh Scientific Proceeding was founded by the Scientific Board of Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute after M. Nalbandyan in 2011. The first number was published in 2013. 2 numbers of the journal with A and B issues were published during the first year: A (Mathematical, Natural, Technical Sciences, Economics and Geography) and B (Humanities and Social Sciences, Teaching Methodology), then, upon the request of the RA SCC, 1 number- again with both A and B issues. However, since 2019, upon the request of the RA SCC, 2 numbers of the journal again with A and B issues have been printed. Since 2013 the journal has always been included in the list of RA SCC. It is included in the international standard system of numbering journals (ISSN electronic version: 2738-2559, printed version: 1829-3808), CROSSREF international bibliographic reference system, as well as the articles, included in the journal since 2021, have a digital object identification number (DOI 10.54151/27382559).

During 2020 the publication procedure of the “Scientific Proceedings of M. Nalbandyan State University of Shirak” was developed and approved by the Scientific Board.

Articles in the following directions can be submitted in the SUSh Scientific Proceeding:

  • Physico-Mathematical Sciences
  • Biological Sciences (Agricultury)
  • Earth Sciences
  • Technical Sciences
  • Economical Sciences
  • Historical Sciences
  • Philological Sciences
  • Pedagogical Sciences (including Teaching Methodologies)
  • Psychological Sciences
  • Art Studies

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