Education-Business Environment Cooperation Platform was presented at SUSh

Today, the Education-Business Environment Cooperation Platform organized an information meeting for students at State University of Shirak. The formation of the education-business environment communication platform aims at solving the following key issues for students:

  • to get acquainted with the offers and demands, possible changes of the labor market,
  • to know the possibilities of orienting in the business environment,
  • to communicate with employers and business representatives,
  • to discuss and generate business ideas,
  • to collaborate with students from other universities,
  • to work in a multidisciplinary team.

The goals of the platform were presented to the students by Gharib Harutyunyan, Head of the ASUE GB Department of Development Programs, Science, External Relations and Quality Assurance Department, and Elvira Zargaryan, Head of the SUSh Department of Student Support and University-Employer Cooperation. Business ideas in the framework of the information meeting was presented by SUSh students Asya Sahakyan and Hripsime Miqayelyan (“Phyto Tea” Startup idea within the framework of Erasmus+ ABioNet programme), and ASUE GB student Lilit Miqayelyan (“O-zone” Startup). The meeting was also attended by the students of SUSh College.

During the meeting, an effective discussion took place between the students and the representatives of the platform, which is an important condition for effective cooperation in the future.