Session 42 /27.01.2021/

On January 27, 2021, the remote session of the Center for Scientific Policy, Quality Assurance and Management with the quality assurance coordinators of the faculties and chairs was held.

The director of CSPQAM A. Sargsyan touched upon two important issues with the quality assurance coordinators and suggested the quality coordinators to consistently fulfill the set tasks.

  1. Establish appropriate committees for each educational program to conduct the following research:
  • Analysis of the outcomes of Professional Educational Programs (PEP) in harmony with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)
  • Analysis of the correlation between the outcomes of the courses and PEP
  • Comparative analysis of PEP.

Appropriate formats will be provided and the work will be directly coordinated by V.Papikyan.

  1. Conditioned by the accreditation process, the director of CSPQAM Sargsyan should have meetings with the students of each faculty, which should be provided by the quality assurance coordinators of the departments and faculties, selecting one student from each course and profession and send the contact information of the students electronically to H. Farzadyan. The coordination and organization of the process will be carried out by H. Farzadyan.