Session 2

This year On February 9, the meeting of Center for Quality Assurance and Management with the faculties, chairs and quality coordinators was held. The director of the center presented the first question, which referred to the cooperation with the graduated students. The quality coordinators provided the alumni data to include in the database.

The second question was about involving distance learning students in quality assurance processes by including them in student assets. Hard work will be carried out in this direction.

The third question referred to the evaluation system of the SUSh. Some discussions took place and some suggestions were made, the director of the center presented the question in detail. It was decided to raise awareness about the guidelines of the evaluation system.

Mr. Papikyan spoke about the fourth question, presenting the sample of the evaluation questionnaire of the teaching staff, some comments were made on the instructions attached to the questionnaire. Sample of the questionnaire and the instructions will be taken for information after discussions.