The “NORKENT” project acting in ShSU since December 2016, within the scope of the “Education Improvement” grant program at the Innovation Competitiveness Foundation (CIF) is an exclusive opportunity for the education organization and its modernization, the introduction and application of new educational technologies, particularly the remote learning and life-long learning.

Within the frames of the project and via ShSU co-financing, it is planned to open a centre for additional education and life-long learning with its two resource-centres where the learning and teaching will be done through the application of the remote learning system. It will allow the experts to periodically ogranise and hold continual re-training specialized courses aimed at the fulfillment of the requirements of the labour market and employers in Shirak region not only with the participation of the ShSU faculty, but with our partner-universities from Armenia and the international co-operation network.

As it is important to provide students with specialized consultation, one of the resource-centres will be furnished with computer technology and programs, electronic resources, as well as professional literature which will enable the students to make their independent curricular classes more efficient and profound with the support of the proper specialists. It will be done within the frames of the project.

With the ShSU co-financing, the completely renovated conference-hall and the being constructed attached parlour will turn into a modern complex equipped with systems for simultaneous translation and TV conferences and the state-of-the-art technology for remote learning.

Through the “NORKENT” project the above mentioned technology has already been purchased and as soon as the interior decoration is over, the new, completely renovated, comfortable conference-hall will welcome not only the ShSU students, but all the employers in Shirak Region.

The “NORKENT” project will enable us to organize and carry out training courses in remote learning and inclusive education organization, as well as in sustainable tourism development and in arrangement of sports and cultural events. Besides, it will give excellent opportunities for elaborating teaching packages in corresponding subjects and downloading them on the ShSU teaching electronic system. And by the end of the project it is planned to introduce professions matching the requirements of the Shirak Region labour market, aiming to modernize and diversify the educational technology for the population of Shirak Region.

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