“Language without Borders” International Competition

Language and «Родное слово» (Rodnoe Slovo) Scientific-Educational Union for the Development of Information Culture organizes an international “Language without Borders” competition, which is open for Russian language teachers from educational institutions of the CIS countries. The aim of the competition is to identify and support talented teachers and lecturers who master modern teaching methods abroad, who encourage students to learn Russian. Participation in the contest is free.

To participate in the competition, it’s necessary to submit an essay on the following topics:

  • Educator: I and my profession
  • The most important thing I want to teach children
  • I can make my school better
  • My profession is elementary school teacher
  • The portrait of a modern teacher
  • The own concept of teaching Russian at school
  • The secrets of professional success
  • My innovative technologies in the educational process
  • The usage of digital technologies during studies

Requirements for participation:  https://www.xn——8kcclkldmm4b8a0fuc0c.xn-p1acf/

The competition is held online in 2 stages:

  • Acceptance of applications from all participating educational institutions of the CIS countries from November 9 to December 9, 2020.
  • From December 9 to 15, 2020, the expert evaluation of the participants’ applications and the participants’ selection of the second round will be carried out.
  • Final or second stage – Selection of the competition winners from December 15 to 25, 2020.

In case of participation, please inform the Center for Scientific Policy, Quality Assurance and Management (shsu.science@gmail.com ).

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