Final Conference of ERASMUS + “BOOST” program took place

On October 12, Final Online Conference of ERASMUS + “BOOST” program took place. A part of participants got participated in the final conference in Shirak State University, taking into account and using technological potential of the university.

ERASMUS + “BOOST/  Boosting Armenian Universities Internationalisation Strategy and Marketing/ is a national program, which aim is  to boost and encourage further internationalization of higher education of RA, by elaborating corresponding framework and toolkit.

In the 4-year program participated the following- Armenian State Pedagogical University (coordinator), Shirak State University, Vanadzor State University, Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan, 5 EU member state universities, RA MoESCS and the National Informational Centre of Academic Mutual Recognition and Mobility.

At the online conference, project coordinators and participants summarized Erasmus “BOOST” as a conceptual change in the internationalization of Armenian universities; how “BOOST” influenced the internationalization policy of universities in Armenia. The path of the “BOOST” program, the results, the changes registered in each university were presented. It was mentioned that within the framework of the program, were improved the strategic programs of internationalization of universities. The best experience of internationalization of RA and EU participating universities was studied and introduced.
Among the results of the program were the development of a national platform for the internationalization of the RA higher education and the integration of benchmarking indicators, the creation and modernization of the international cooperation departments of the participating Armenian universities.

Representatives of EU partner universities also spoke about the successful history of the program and the results achieved. As a result, the website, created within the framework of the program, was presented, which summarizes information for foreign students on why to study in Armenia, what opportunities Armenian universities have. The participants expressed hope that the strategy developed and the toolkit developed as a result of the program will be improved in the near future and will promote the successful implementation of the process of internationalization of universities.