In-house trainings at SUSh in the scope of Erasmus+ SMARTI project

On March 24-25, first 2 trainings were held at SUSh in the scope of Erasmus+ SMARTI project.

Project local coordinator- Director of the External Cooperation and PR Centre Hovik Melkonyan and the project team member Director- Acting Vice- Rector for Educational and Methodological Process Management Centre Nazeli Avetisyan welcomed the participants of the training.

First phase of ESP/ ECTS Tuning Modular training was conducted by Hasmik Matikyan- lecturer of SUSh English Language and Literature chair, who participated in the training organized by Catholic University of Porto, Portugal.

Teaching staff and students from Informatics and Applied Mathematics participated in the training.

On the first day the participants learned about Academic English used in presentations, reports, minutes, cover letters and motivation letters, as well as the the main principles of their use.

The participants got tasks for the next meeting. Those tasks aimed at enhancing the features of Academic English in the context of practical writing.

The next day the training was interactive. The participants presented the work done, they also did a test on English writing skills.

At the end of the training two-day training outcomes were summarized.

We should mention, that the series of trainings is continuous, next 4 trainings will be held at the beginning of April.