“Underwater Archeology and Armenian Sunken Monuments”- seminar at SUSh

A seminar on “Underwater Archeology and Armenian Sunken Monuments” was held today on the initiative of Hovhannes Khorikyan, Acting Head of the Chair of History and Philosophy, Faculty of Social Sciences and Law Studies, State University of Shirak.

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students in “History” got acquainted with the discoveries of the recent years of underwater archeology in the Bay of Alexandria, the Armenian sunken monuments at the bottom of Lake Van.

Speaker Anna Martikyan presented the map of sunken monuments as a result of rising levels of Lake Van, as well as excerpts from her videotapes of castle walls and monuments situated at the bottom of the lake. Taking into account the students’ interest in the field, it was planned to organize one more meeting on the topic of underwater archeology.