The regular working meeting of ERASMUS+ ABioNet was held

On May 6-11, 2019, in the Italian city of Teramo took place the regular working meeting of the ERASMUS + ABioNet project held in ShSU, which included a retraining course, seminar and discussion of the project coordinators.

During the training course, there were presented various innovative approaches in the field of nutrition technologies, as well as topics on how to manage the international business. Also a visit to the laboratories of the University was organized. The seminar discussed the methodology of acquisition and training of new skills in food technology, the issue on sustainable entrepreneurship. The third part of the meeting was devoted to the start of professional programmes and the inclusion of new subjects in the curricula. Within this framework, the ShSU working group suggested that a new Master’s programme in the specialty “Biotechnology” should be introduced, offering subject descriptions and specifications. The issues on the specialists retraining and students’ academic mobility were also discussed.

From ShSU there took part the project coordinator H. Melkonyan and the expert working group made up of A. Grigoryan, G. Oksuzyan and K. Petrosyan.