The “NORKENT” project held its final seminar.

On May 30, Shirak State University hosted the final seminar of the “NORKENT” project, which started in 2017.

The project, implemented under the Competitive Innovation Fund loan project “Improvement of Education” and the Centre for Educational Programmes co-financed by the World Bank, has been scheduled for the courses in accordance with the requirements of the labour market, through the introduction of new educational technologies for strengthening Shirak State University, as well as contributing to proportional development of Shirak Region.

For the purpose of the project, the main tasks were put forward, which were carried out within two years․

  1. Identification of the beneficiaries’ needs, clarification of their priorities,
  2. Organization and conduct of relevant courses,
  3. Creation of the necessary material-technical base.

After analyzing the results of the surveys, the project elaborated training materials and conducted short-term courses in the areas of distance learning, inclusive education and sustainable tourism development.

One of the final results of the “NORKENT” project is the enrichment of the material -technical base of the University, in particular, the equipment of the Centre for Life-long Learning and two resource centres, as well as the acquisition of the necessary computer and gym equipment.

In order to ensure the quality and raise the effectiveness of both the ongoing and follow-up activities, the coordinators conducted surveys among the course participants to ascertain their satisfaction by both the course materials and the form and methods of their provision, as well as the activities of the project staff.

At the seminar, the project Head and participants presented the final results, expressing their hope that the projects aimed at developing the students’ capabilities and strengthening the University will be long-lasting.