Summer school at ShSU: Day 4

The fourth day of the summer school started at ShSU military Chair and then turned into a cognitive excursion.

At ShSU’ military Chair holding a special status, the pupils were shown around professional classrooms, the armoury, and the library.

Lieutenant Colonel Gagik Hovhannisyan, the lecturer of the Chair, presented the history and activities of the Republic’s only military Chair, training teachers in “Preliminary Military Training.” He provided insights into the Chair’s distinctiveness, responding to their diverse questions.

After assembling at the parade ground and getting the order “Dress, attention!” the participants started on their cognitive excursion to Harichavank and Lambatavank.

The participants of the Summer School had the opportunity to actively relax and recreate and get acquainted with the historical and cultural sights in Shirak Region.

Kajik Harutyunyan, former graduate of ShSU’ Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, now lecturer, held a guided route for the pupils, sharing insights and legends about ancient Armenian monasteries.

The students had a day filled with vivid and lasting impressions, returning to Gyumri with memories that will live in them forever.