Steering group meeting and training in the scope of Erasmus+ SMARTI project

In October 6-8 hybrid combined annual steering group meeting and training took place in the scope of Support for Innovative Methodology, Approaches and Tools for Teaching through the Medium of English in order to improve Educational Yield, Sustainability and Internationalization (SMARTI) project at Goris State University. Hasmik Matikyan  lecturer from the chair of English language and literature and  Anna Martikyan Coordinator for PR from the Center of External Relations and PR participated in the meeting.

The key component of the meeting at Goris State University was methodological reference to Headway (by Liz and John Soars) English language self-study book.

Participants highlighted the content and structural features of the book by SWOT analysis. SUSh representative English teacher H. Matikyan also studied digital and printed versions of the book beforehand. To present the methodological description of the book comprehensively a survey among 20 students was held and the results of the survey were shown in the presentation.

On the third day of the project a training od the publicity officer was held, as the project pays attention not only to the proper performance of professional and organizational functions, but also to the dissemination of the project. SUSh representative Anna Martikyan was participating in the training. Dissemination implemented so far in Armenian and Russian HEI’s were presented by corresponding coordinators.

During the training the participants were presented how to compose information letters, how to present, how to disseminate in social platform and how to increase information update in UCP Excel program and connection to the websites.

SMARTI official website also was presented.