ShSU hosted Perch Berberoglu, the Professor at the University of Nevada at Reno, USA

Today, Professor Perch Berberoglu (Berberian) from the University of Nevada at Reno, USA, and 2 students from the same University visited Shirak State University.

During the meeting with ShSU acting rector Mr. Ye. Serobyan and the staff of the Centre for External Cooperation and Public Relations, there was discussed the possible framework of cooperation between the two universities: the details of the implementation of joint work projects and exchange of students and lecturers, signing the contract.

Professor of sociology Perch Berberoglu delivered a lecture for students and lecturers about “The Nature, Dynamics and Impact of Globalization on Society in the 21st Century (in the Example of Armenia)”.

Perch Berberian spoke about the globalization, its features, consequences and impact on various spheres of society, citing specific examples from the Armenian reality.