Today, at ShSU, there took place scientific readings “Gyumri Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Spitak earthquake in 1988. The themes of the professional reports are as follows:

· “1988 Spitak earthquake through photos, facts and comments (Karen Mkhitaryan, Head of the ”Northern Service of Seismic Defence” State Non-Profit Organisation);

· “The time line during cataclysms” (Karine Sahakyan, ShSU Head of the Chair of Psychology, Sociology and Social Work, Candidate of Psychology, Assistant Professor);

· “The psychological trauma and its consequences” (Armine Gmyur-Karapetyan ShSU lecturer, Head of the “Arevamanuk” foundation;

· “The peculiarities of social assistance in the context of theories of communication development” (Hovik Melkonyan, ShSU, Head of the Foreign Cooperation and PR Centre, Candidate of Philology, Assistant Professor).