The Department of Pedagogy, formed as a result of structural changes in «Shirak State University after M. Nalbandyan» Foundation in 2016, comprises two former departments: the Department of Pedagogy and physical education, and Chairs of the faculties of preliminary military training from those departments.

Today the Department of Pedagogy has two chairs։

  1. the Chair of Pedagogy,
  2. the Chair of the Theory and Methods of Teaching of Physical Education

As an independent subdivision, the Department of Pedagogy was founded in 1980 on the basis of the Department of Music and Pedagogy, which was separated from the Department of Culture.

The Chair of Pedagogy was founded in 1947. Since the first decade of its foundation in Shirak Alma Mater, the Chair of Pedagogy has played a specific role, having made a significant contribution to the training of pedagogical staff in Shirak region and Javakhk. Thanks to the pedagogical knowledge, abilities and skills acquired with the help of the skilled pedagogues of the Chair, the graduates of the institute proved to be skillful educators, joining the ‘army’ of the acclaimed and honoured teachers of the Republic.

In 1971 the section of physical education was set up at the institute, which was aimed at providing schools and sports institutions with qualified teachers of physical training and coaches so urgent for the city famous for its long and good spots traditions. And in 1975, the Department of Culture was founded, with the founding dean Mr. Hovhannes Arakelyan, the Honoured Coach of the USSR, Associate Professor. The emergence of new professions changed the name of the faculty / department, and since 1989 it has been called “Physical Education and Military Training” / the Department of Physical Education and Pre-conscription Training.

Thirty of the graduates of the faculty / department are honoured figures of physical training and sports of the republic, pedagogues, coaches and employees, 46 – participants of the Olympic Games, among which 10 are winners (legendary Yu. Vardanyan and I. Militosyan – weightlifters, incomparable L. Julfalakyan and M. Iskandaryan – wrestlers) and prize winners (V. Militosyan, G. Davtyan, T. V. Martirosyan, T. G. Martirosyan – weightlifting, A. Aleksanyan – wrestling). About thirty graduates and students from around the world / are world (Yu. Vardanyan, G. Tutkhalyan, L. Julfalakyan, A. Manukyan, I. Militosyan, M. Iskandaryan, N. Avdalyan) and European champions (M. Ghazaryan, Kh. Kapanaktsyan, G. Davtyan, R. Emmiyan, M. Daluzyan, N. Avdalyan, H. Davtyan, A. Aleksanyan and others), 60 are prize winners. About 80 world and European records have been set due to the efforts of the students of the Faculty / department.

The former two faculties / departments were headed by dozens of distinguished specialists and devotees, experienced, well-known and knowledgeable pedagogues, deserved professors, honoured coaches.

Continuing the good traditions, the professors, associate professors and candidates of sciences are carrying out efficient scientific and pedagogical activities at the department.

The department is headed by Doctor-Professor of Pedagogy Ruzanna Mardoyan.

Today, thousands of graduates of the department work in the secondary schools, pre-school institutions and other fields of education and sports in Gyumri and Shirak region.

All the conditions are created in the department for the efficiency of the research work of the lecturers, students, for ensuring the quality indicators of the educational process, for the best organization of the students’ daily life.