At the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics the educational–field practice is an essential curricular component for the students of the Chair of Geography, Biology and Chemistry. The Chair continues its close co-operation with the Chair of Biology at Yerevan State University.

Recently, the ShSU students had a joint educational practice at the territory of the Akhuryan River gorge with three Bachelor students from Humboldt University (Humboldt University of Berlin) due to the mobility programme with the Chair of Biology at Yerevan State University. The aim of the educational-field practice was to acquaint the students with the main ecological-faunistic complexes of animals in the given area, showing their diversity and the complexity of relationships in nature. The Head of the Chair of Biology, YSU, Doctor of Biology M. Arakelyan acquainted the students with the methods of field material collection and the tools for doing that work. The interesting and efficient practice ensured the theoretical knowledge enhancement.