Chinese Government scholarship programme

Dear colleagues,

The government of the People’s Republic of China is implementing an “Excellence” scholarship program which gives the best foreign specialists an opportunity to study in the PRC in the English language. The duration of the programme is one or two years.

The candidates should։

  1. Be born after 1 September, 1974,
  2. Have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher education and work experience of more than 3 years,
  3. Be middle-class government officials or managers of various organizations and enterprises or specialists of research institutions,
  4. Be fluent in English,
  5. Not be involved in other PRC projects.

The Chinese party assumes all the costs for tuition, boarding and travel. Taking into account the lack of time, we ask you to provide the data about the relevant candidates to the MES RA by March 19 for transfer to the Chinese party.

You can get the application form at the Centre for External Cooperation and Public Relations.