We inform you that the annual “Excellence Scholarship” contest held by the Swiss Government has started. The winners – Armenian students, researchers and young scientists – can get free education and carry out research work at Swiss universities and scientific and educational institutions.

Within the scope of the programme “Excellence Scholarship” planned for Armenian applicants for academic year 2019-2020, the following scholarships are presupposed:

· research fellowships;

· post – graduate / PhD fellowships;

· post – doctoral fellowships.

Those who want to apply for the project should fill in the primary application form, after which they will be sent the complete package for applying for the project.

Till the deadline for applying, the project applicants, besides all necessary documents, must present a letter from a lecturer / supervisor from the host university confirming their preparedness to supervise and contribute to the applicant’s learning and / or research in Switzerland. Thus it is urgent to select the university and / or the educational institution and contact the corresponding professor as soon as possible.

The deadline for the complete application package is 15 November. For more information visit us at

ShSU Scientific Policy, Quality Assurance and Management Centre