On September 26, 2018, Shirak State University and Gyumri garrison held a joint event entitled “The Cost of Peace” dedicated to lieutenant Gurgen Margaryan’s 40th anniversary.

In 2004, the Armenian lieutenant was taking part in the NATO’s training courses “Partnership for Peace”, when he was slaughtered in his deep sleep by an Azeri officer Ramil Safarov.

In the neighbour country peace and heroism are adopted differently. The peace enforcement from Armenia was once again emphasized during the event which started with the concert of the Gyumri garrison orchestra in the yard of Shirak State University. It was to commemorate Gurgen Margaryan.

In the conference hall of Shirak’s main university, Artak Tadevosyan preached peace via his exhibition. The artist from Gyumri makes jewellery for women out of capsules of different calibres. Mentionings from Gurgen Margaryan’s life and tragic death are touching and mournful, but at the

same time they are a good lesson for all the Armenians in order to impose peace upon the neighbour country.

In ShSUthe representatives of the University, local and regional authorities made an appeal for peace.

In the University foyer, with the active participation of the soldiers and university students various competitions took place: playing chess and draughts as well as demolition and assembling of weapons. The participants with the best results were awarded prizes and the entertainment ended with the proclamation for world peace and co-operation.