Preconditioned by the goals and leading issues of the “NORKENT” project, the priority is given to the creation and introduction of the electronic teaching / learning system, as well as elaboration of the educational material for remote learning. For this purpose the project organized and held a casting contest for expert-consultant to introduce and employ the electronic system. The results of the casting are summed

Parallel to this work, the staff managed to comprise the package for the selection of the specialist-consultants who are to elaborate the material and teach the subjects. Everything is matched to the proper technological tasks and selection criteria. The renovation and furnishing of the office and one resource-centre are finished in accordance with the work schedule and time-table. The renovation and furnishing of the ShSU hall given to the additional education and life-long learning centre is in full swing.

In the nearest future, it is planned to finish the equipment of the above mentioned centre with IT.

The “NORKENT” project will last 10 more months and will end in June 2018.



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