TEMPUS – ARMENQA is a triennial (2014-2017) project aimed at the recognition of Armenian qualifications in the national and international labour market. As a result, the project provides qualifications adequacy to the labour market requirements as well as fosters the comparability between education laws and regulations with the domain of the European higher education area and National qualifications.

The project coordinator is the Swedish Linkӧping University.

Armenian partners are:

Yerevan State University

Armenian State Pedagogical University

Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences

Armenian National Agrarian University

Armenian National University of Architecture and Construction

Gavar State University

Russian-Armenian University

RA Ministry of Education and Science

National Information Centre for Academic Recognition and Mobility

Republican Union of Employers of Armenia

EU partners are:

Linkӧping University, Sweden

Osnabrük University of Applied Sciences, Germany

University of Ghent, Belgium

Romanian National Qualifications Centre, Romania

Project site: http://armenqa.am/

Project summary video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5ov7QeK938&feature=share

ARMENQA project leaflet at
ARMENQA leaflet

ARMENQA compact leaflet at
ARMENQA Newsletter

The Qualifications National Framework Guide for Employers at
Guide for Employers

The Qualifications National Framework Guide for students at
Guide for Students

The Qualifications National Framework Guide for Higher Education Institutions at
Guide for HEIs

RA National Qualifications Framework self-certification report at
NQFA Self Certification Report

Manual for lecturers in elaboration of interactive courses and educational programmes


Explanatory Dictionary of 101 terms

Description of levels (qualifications) of the RA higher education qualifications national framework

Glossary of the five spheres of the National Qualifications Framework of Armenia

Implementation Strategy of the Higher Education National Qualifications Framework in the Republic of Armenia in 2016-2020. The activity concept of the body responsible for the Higher Education National Qualifications Framework in Armenia Implementation Strategy
NQFA Implementation Strategy