Dear pupils, students, parents, educators, people dedicated to education! I congratulate you upon the beginning of the new academic year, the 1st of September.

It’s not in vain that this day is celebrated as the Knowledge and School Day. For thousands of years education has played a significant role in the life of our nation, and the science development has been the basis of our national revival.

Today, we are obliged to continue the patriarchal work of our great ancestors and do our best to pass the giant educational heritage to the coming generation, working out new approaches to the enhancement of the education quality.

My congratulations especially to those who start their student life and their work at school. I wish them radiant future and a lot of success, and as for the teachers who are entrusted the hard job of educating and upbringing – endless will and stamina in their nation-devoted work. Again and again my congratulations to all of you upon this memorable day. All the best to you and a lot of success in the new academic year, in new Armenia.

Yours, acting rector Mr. Yervand Serobyan.