About the Project

Goals and Objectives

To promote a change in the system of pedagogic training of university teachers through teaching in English by modernization of curriculum for national and international spectrums.

To assist university staff that need to teach degree programs in English, and also for students (both national and international) who attend these programs.

To develop transparent, national and international, educational standards and comparable learning tools and teaching standards in accordance with Bologna criteria.

To provide support the internationalisation of participating EU and PC institutions and support staff and student mobilities and exchanges.

To promote PC excellence in education by the development and the implementation of a comprehensive pedagogical 9 Module English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) curricula for in-service PC teaching staff and trainee teachers using an ECTS/Tuning Modular design for teaching academic content in English in Russia and Armenia (the focus is on all faculties MA & PhD Programs such as engineering, IT, science, mathematics. The curriculum is piloted twice before being accredited). This will be developed via a network of EMI Centres.