Chair of Biology and Chemistry

History of the Chair

The Chair of Biology and Chemistry was established in 1992. The Chair's founder is Samvel Aleksanyan, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor. Currently, the Chair consists of one Professor, Doctor of Science, 13 candidates, associate professors, assistants, one laboratory assistant and one personal assistant. The Chair has specialized laboratories with modern equipment.

In 2021-2022 academic year, within the framework of the AbioNet program, a biotechnology laboratory has been furnished in the Chair, which makes it possible to carry out research work.

One of the important directions of scientific research work carried out in the Chair of Biology and Chemistry is the regulation of heart and brain metabolism by cardioactive neurohormones released from the hypothalamus-neurohypophysis system. The other direction refers to NADPH-oxidases as important systems of superoxide radical generation.

Currently, the Chair cooperates with RA NAS H.Kh. Buniatyan Institute of Biochemistry, Yerevan M. "Heratsi State Medical University and Yerevan State University, Gyumri Selection Station CJSC", with a number of medical institutions of Gyumri to perform joint student bachelor and master research works. The teaching staff of the Chair also carries out scientific research with the mentioned institutions, and the results of joint researches are published in prestigious journals.

Many scientific and methodological articles have been published in the Chair in the field of teaching methodology.

The teaching staff of the Chair regularly organizes scientific seminars for students and professors of the faculty, as well as the whole university on innovative and popular scientific topics.

The Chair implements five professional educational programs.