About the project

The WBL4JOB project aims to enhance partnership between enterprises and HEIs and to increase graduates’ employability through development and implementation of supporting policy, legal framework and generic, flexible Apprenticeships Higher Education Model (AHEM) with the ultimate aim of promoting the work-based learning (WBL) in Armenia and Moldova.


The following project outputs/outcomes are expected to be sustainable after the end of the Erasmus+ programme funding:

– WBL Policy and Implementation Toolkit,

– 52 trained staff on WBL/apprenticeship policies, schemes and tools,

– 60 trained teaching staff/mentors on apprenticeship-oriented teaching/learning,

– National Policy for implementation of WBL in HE systems,

–  2 AHEMs, including an undergraduate one year apprenticeship based programme  “Specialized Licence in Banking and Insurance” (SLBI),

– Amendments to national legislations supporting apprenticeship,

– 4 equipped universities,

– Partnership agreements for activities after lifetime of the project.


Project budget: 847433 euros.

Period of realization: 2021-2024.